Thank you for your interest in becoming a YMCA volunteer. We welcome volunteers and are interested in working alongside you and your unique experience and skills. Please get in touch with us if you think you have something you would like to offer.

YMCA St Helens offers opportunities to young people and their communities to develop in mind, body and spirit and so help to fulfil their potential. We aim to reflect this holistic approach in the way we recognise the value of each member of our team and enables them to make their unique contribution to our mission.

In England & Wales YMCA comprises some 150 different Associations found in most cities and towns, each of which operates as a separately registered charity. These YMCAs are often working with people at times of greatest need. Worldwide, the Movement has over 30 million members in some 125 countries. The evolution of each YMCA is influenced by local factors. But generally YMCAs aim to:

  • Facilitate personal, social and spiritual development – through life and job skills training and a wide range of other opportunities for personal growth and challenge.
  • Build relationships and provide programmes that support young people’s transition to adulthood.
  • Develop communities through the provision of supported housing, community activities and sport, exercise and fitness programmes for all ages.
  • Share ideas and resources across the world as part of an international YMCA network.

The YMCA values diversity and welcomes applications from across all of the community. Diversity is reflected strongly among those who participate in YMCA activities and use its facilities. Our housing residents, for instance, come from many nations and backgrounds; the YMCA provides accommodation and training facilities for both men and women; our health and fitness suites have been successful in offering customised programmes for people with disabilities; and the range of activities involves people of all ages. We are also committed to ensuring that diversity is reflected strongly within our Board of Management, volunteer and employee structures. This includes a commitment to keep our practices under review, leading to action where necessary, in order to attract new people from all sections of the community.

Inclusiveness is fundamental to the ethos of the YMCA as a Christian organisation. It is expressed in a wholehearted commitment to welcome people of other faiths and those of none, linked to a confident identity as a Christina faith based Movement. In order to maintain this ethos it is essential that certain posts are filled by committed Christians. If the details for the volunteer position for which you are applying states that you are required to have a commitment to the Christian Aims and Purposes, the information you supply in the ‘Religious Beliefs’ section of your application will be taken into account in the selection process. If this is not the case, whilst you will be required to support the Christian Aims and Purposes of the YMCA in your work, any information you provide under the ‘Religious Beliefs’ section will not affect your application.

Thank you again for your interest in becoming a YMCA volunteer. We look forward to receiving your application.

Please download the relevant documents below: