10 July 2019

Last month, Louis Rigby was honoured for his long voluntary service to YMCA St Helens. St Helens Citizen Advice and Halton and St Helens VCA organised an awards ceremony at the town hall to recognise and applaud the work, contribution and impact of volunteers across St Helens.

It was a very special day for us as Louis Rigby was recognised as the Longest Serving Volunteer for 67 years of continuous service to YMCA St Helens.

Louis started volunteering in 1952 as a schoolboy and his dedication to our organisation has helped us to shape and deliver the services that have been provided throughout that time.

Louis was instrumental in ensuring the continued success of the YMCA St Helens in supporting homeless people within the borough, including the ongoing improvements to both services and accommodation.

This has included the development of three stages of accommodation from fully supported to semi-supported to independent accommodation and more recently to remodel their first stage accommodation provision.

As a trustee and committee member he was involved in the expansion of the YMCA as a provider of services to young people and was directly involved in the development of the Beacon programme from its inception to completion.

This enables us to offer The Beacon Nursery and more recently the Y Sports Programme to young people in the borough of St Helens.

In his nomination, Louis was described as “a true inspiration, starting out as a volunteer in the youth clubs with sports and activities to now being president.

Louis has made volunteering a part of his life and we at YMCA St Helens are so grateful for all that he has achieved.

After receiving his award, Louis, 81, said: “It is an award for the YMCA, it’s not for me.

“It has been my life. I will keep going as long as they want me, as president I’m there more as a figurehead now.”