2 May 2018

As the Y Sports Programme continues to develop, we recently received a fantastic testimonial from Gary Crickson at Forge Fitness in Rainhill:


“I am Gary Crickson, owner of Forge Fitness in Rainhill which runs the YMCA Youth Sports funded Boxing Fitness classes for 15-18yr olds on Mondays at 5-6pm and 10-14yr olds on Wednesdays 5-6pm

The classes consist of a mixture of HIIT training, boxing technique and fitness and also in the younger classes ,‘fitness through fun’ activities are incorporated.

Mark Jennings who coordinates the programme is an excellent communicator and provides me with two extremely capable training assistants (Steven Murphy and Leon Tatlock) who are invaluable to the classes and provide verbal and physical instructions and motivation to the class.

The classes are extremely popular and I receive regular feedback from happy parents and children who convey that they are happy to see that their children are getting active and spending less time on computer consoles or hanging out on the streets, and that they have adopted a more positive outlook on life and have increased general happiness and well being. The parents also say they feel a sense of community spirit and belonging to a group with common interests has had positive effects upon their children.

I am very proud to be associated and involved in delivering a youth sports programme with such great and positive benefits to our local youth.”

Thanks so much for getting in touch with this feedback Gary – it is our pleasure to be working with you and we hope this partnership goes from strength to strength!

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