Horabin School Of Dance And Music

The HORABIN SCHOOL is a well established school which has been based in the YMCA for many years.

We have classes for girls and boys from 3 years of age and for adults of all ages.

Private lessons can be arranged by appointment.


Classes for Adults are TAI CHI, BALLETCISE & TAPFIT.

PIANO LESSONS are available for all ages from 6 years upwards.

Our Saturday class for Pre School and Reception children is great fun!

We enter some dance festivals quite successfully and at the last one the children were awarded 9 Trophies and 26 medals. Our recent examination session was very successful with no child getting less than 70 marks! We do displays and concerts especially at some of the Care Homes around St Helens and we always have an Open Day at Christmas time for parents, friends and family.

DANCE CLASSES are held on Saturday and Monday or Friday evenings depending on age and experience.

TAI CHI is at 10.30 on Monday morning. It is a very gentle exercise. Heart problems, asthma, diabetes, stress are all helped by the calm atmosphere of the class. I am a fully trained teacher affiliated to the Health Improvement Team in St Helens.

ADULT TAP is at 2.30 on Monday for Beginners and our experienced tappers’ class is held on Tuesday evening at 8.00pm at the Old School (now a Nursery) at the top of Crank Hill.

ADULT BALLETCISE is at 7.30pm on Wednesday evening. Again this is gentle exercise based on ballet movements.

Everyone is welcome and we aim to have a happy atmosphere for both children and their parents who are encouraged to do their part for the good of the School.

I am a member of several Dance Associations and hold full CRB and first aid certificates.

We offer good teaching at a reasonable cost.

Enquiries please ring St Helens YMCA 01744 455030 and ask for Activities Reception.

Leave your name, telephone number and the classes you are interested in and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Mrs Margaret Horabin M.A.D.A. A.B.T.D.A .A.R.A.D. M.P.T.D.