2 May 2018

Y Sports is coming to the end of its first year, promoting sport with young people across St Helens and we have just had some fantastic feedback from our partners at West Park RFC.


Stuart Holland from West Park got in touch with us to say that both the Tuesday and Wednesday sessions that we have been running have been a great success. Tuesday night is gym session at Alexandra Park and Wednesday nights are at Fitness 500 with young people attendance figures well over 100 across these two sessions. We are looking forward to running these sessions throughout summer, working hard to keep attendance figures high and young people engaged.

Stuart was also really positive about the work of the Y Sports coaches in the development of Mixed Ability Rugby on Saturday’s and said that Leon, Sophie and Stephen were excellent at developing core skills and creating a fun environment. Stuart also went on to say a big thank you to our fabulous coaches and what a positive impact they are having on the lives of young people in St Helens.

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